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Audemars Piguet Safari Classic White J12 factory newbie review, donerix hornback strap. Lot of pics.

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Hi, review will be general and will only include my main impressions. This rep has been reviewed extensively by expert members of this forum and it would be redundant to talk about all the finer details again (plus I am a noob).


- Ordered from Andrew. Received the watch after some shipping delay (ems was slow) in perfect condition.

- Fit/finish is excellent. I think JF has done an incredible job on this rep.

- Textured dial oozes class and just breathtaking to look at.

- AP case-sets represent top-class engineering and this rep replicates it quite well.

- Movement, chrono work fine. Crown screw/unscrew process works well. 


Not so good part:

- Unfortunately the leather strap was of very cheap quality. The screws were poorly machined and assembled (one of them was even crooked). It was nightmare taking the strap off. I could not remove the one that had the bad screw and after several attempts with different techniques, I gave up. I ended up cutting off that strap off. :angry: I got a Donerix hornback strap and tang buckle from Ebay (surprisingly good quality). Very happy with the Donerix strap.

- The deployment buckle was also pretty bad. It was very uncomfortable to wear (maybe I got a lemon).


Let me know if you have any questions. 
















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