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Lady Royal Oak for my Lady!

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Saw a brief write up about this watch on another forum and was impressed. I remembered that my wife mentioned that she didn't have a Gold watch except for a gen Omega dress watch which is tiny and not practical for everyday wear. This looked like something to fit the bill.

Sweated it out through almost 5 days in US customs, got here on Friday and she loves it!! Didn't take it off all weekend. Looks like her gen Tag AquaRacer is going to be spending more time in her watch box.

I'm not sure how close to the gen this watch is, but if anyone can pull this watch off, it's her.




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Very nice, mate

I bought the SS version with bracelet to my wife too. In the beginning, she was perplexed since she 'liked' the 'big watches'.

But, after she got many compliments from her friends, it's now more than 3 months that she has only the Lady AP on the wrist.

PS: The gen Sub she ever wore, now in the box :)

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Legend, you are correct, I was impressed by the CZ's. Don't have any idea as to how they will hold up over the long haul, but they sure look good now. She really likes it, and that's what's important. As has been said many times before" Happy wife, happy life"!!

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I have the same too! Omg we all have the same!

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Bro, that sounded a little too wrong.. a trifle too excited, just because a few of us bought and own the watch. :lol:

It doesn't help that you and I ordered the watches in the same batch from the same dealer hahaha..


But yes, it is a lovely watch. Ironically, one of the most accurate AP reps to be produced. ;)

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Agreed, I went to a boutique to check the gen out and it is indeed undetectable by eye. 

This rep is so good, that the only actual way to tell its a rep on a wrist is by saying "Noob factory" in the presence of the wearer and the spouse and see if you get a reaction. :lol:

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Honestly that looks very gen, if it is not? ;)

Lol, it's not indeed. I just worked on it during the Easter holidays (very bad weather in Italy).

It's amazing how many things you can learn in the forums.

If I remember that 2 years ago I couldn't remove a link from a bracelet. Now I dessemble then reassemble a whole watch or movt. I change DW or remove crown & pushers from a ROO... WOW!

Thx everybody around here ;)

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