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New Watch Purchased - Recommendations On Getting Serviced

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Hey everyone, 

I wanted to start by saying how grateful I was to find this forum and the wealth of information it holds. Over the years I've collected a few reps along side a few gens and it was very much so a solo experience. My previous job has me traveling to Asia with somewhat frequency, so I would just purchase a handful of quality reps there and bring them back for myself and friends. Since changing roles, my travel has stopped and I needed a way to find quality products with real reviews., 

I spent some time googling and never felt comfortable purchasing online as I assumed the worst as far as quality. Well, that has changed after finding this site! I've ben searching for a Milgauss for some time and thanks to the reviews I was able to see for Trusty Time, I went ahead and purchased one! It should be arriving shortly and I'll definitely be doing a review once received. 


Alright, that being said. I need some help! Previously there was an older gentleman that ran a small watch shop that would do work on reps. A few years back, he closed and since I haven't had the need for any service. A few things I've read so far seem to imply I should be taking the watch I receive in for service almost immediately to ensure it's oiled and working properly. Is that accurate? If so, what type of service should I be looking for? 

That's only one part of the problem. Additionally, I am not sure the best way to go about finding someone in my town who will work on reps. Is there a good way to understand who will and won't without flat out asking? Any ideas would be appreciated.




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There's quite a bit of info here and there on this subject.   For the most part, movements in reps coming from China CAN be poorly lubed and/or dirty.   That being said, I have a number of pieces that have never been opened and operate perfectly!


If you are purchasing a rep that will get a LOT of wrist time and one you want to keep for the long term, a basic clean & lube service is not a bad idea.   It'll cost you in the area of $100-$150.


There are a number of members here who do such work, but they tend to be very busy.   The do great work, but you'll need a lot of patience as it may take months to work your way through their backlog and get the watch back.


Another option is to search out watch-smiths in your area.   You'll need to carefully approach them to determine if they are willing to work on reps.   Many will not.    When talking with them, make it clear that you aren't talking about a Canal St. quality rep, but one that really is well made, with an Asian movement.   

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I go the other way -- you spent ~$200 on a watch, why spend another ~$150 on servicing it proactively? Just wear it and deal with any potential problems when they happen.

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