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My ROO Jarno Trulli - short review and pictorial

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The launch of rep JT from JF somehow went with very little attention around here. I would dare to say that this rep is somehow (unjustly) neglected. So, to try and correct this I decided to give it some attention
I got this in January this year, not expecting very much, but really interested in combination of materials - cermet + forged carbon. And, I must say, these two materials together really work fantastically on this watch. Cermet is incredible material, looks better than SS to me, high sheen on polished parts, perfect brushed finish on brushed parts, with surface hardness of ceramic. Mind blowing, really. And FC, so light, and kind of stealthy, gives very good contrast to shiny cermet. Apart from looking great these materials also provide for very light watch, especially for sec-at-12 ROO - watch head weights (without strap) only 90 grams, and you have to consider that just sec-at-12 movement is over 30 grams. Needles to say, compared to other 42mm ROOs, it is much more comfortable to wear, and sits much better on the wrist.
Like it was already written in few places, unfortunately not everything is perfect on this rep This is how it was supposed to look like (gen):


The worst flaw on this rep is the dial color. It is one of the infamous JF grey-dialed models division that has completely mismatched shade of grey. It was supposed to be very light grey, that matches cermet bezel. Instead it is quite dark grey, that gives quite a contrast to bezel color. To me personally, I can stand this color combination, it works somehow, unlike dial color on Ti Schumi, that looks completely out of place on the watch - but of course that is just matter of taste, and does not change the fact that color is simply wrong. Dial color is very dependent on angle of light falling on it, and kind of light - you can see on the pictures that in some angles it looks much lighter than in others.
Other flaws include wrong font on tachy ring, slightly wrong finish on pushers, non-recessed logo and of course all other sec-at-12 reps inherent flaws (date position, crown height).
Not to say all is negative, there are also lot of good things about this rep. Crystal is fantaqstic, this one really does not need any AR treatment, it's so good out of the box. Red color also looks very decently matched to the gen, and overall fit and finish is really fantastic. Case back and decorated rotor are very good.

Enough talk, lets see some glamour shots of the rep.












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Great looking watch and one I have not seen before. Great photos and combination.




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I was waiting for a long time for the release of the JT rep, and was disappointed by its eventual release. 

Like you said, the dial color is way off, but accuracy aside, it is a nice looking watch.

Congrats and wear her well. 

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Great looking watch. Plus when are you actually going to see another JT in the wild.

Sent from a traveling phone booth

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It's quite a nice looking piece...pity about the dial colour...however, it's still a nice looking piece as it is

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Looks great. underrated model vs the other carbon ROOs. But I wonder why dial colors tend to be off on the reps, ex the Ti Schumacher. I can't see how hard it is to get it right?

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