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Red wine or cherry red?

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Hi all, it's been a while since I posted one of my projects so here is one for you to share your thoughts on.

I am curious what you think. Since this strap is not entirely mainstream , I can imagine that tastes differ. Personally, I think you can do lot's of nice things wit a (black) Pam. This strap does not fit my pam 111 but I'm sure I will make another one to fit it. With a chrome buckle this one looks rather classy.

This Pam shouted to me "make me something special" and since I have a taste for something differentI thought to myself that it is a good time to give red a chance again ..

The details:

- The top layer is 2 mm thick leather patinated by myself using several oils, dyes and creams. The base is vegetable tanned leather of very good quality. The red has a very deep color that looks different depending on the lighting. I opted for a transition from the deep red at the lugs fading gradually to almost black. This blends nicely with the black buckle (buckle).

- The inside part of the strap is made of very soft black anti-allergic leather. This time no additional intermediate layer so that the thickness is limited up to 3-3,5mm so it can be worn on a Panerai deployant.

- The sides are not finished with a high gloss coating, but are burnished by hand.

- The length of the strap is 75/140 (my size) and the width 26/24

-For The stitching I used 0,77mm thick french cotton thread by the brand "Fil Au Chinois Lin Cable". Experts know that there is nothing like it ;-)

Maybe a few pictures ...








Let me know what you think if you can spare the time.

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Looks really nice. Good work

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You know mate, I really do like this strap. Great work! :)

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Very cool strap! 

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I like it too, perhaps not a 24/7/365 strap, but dressed casually and relaxing it's quite playful as the fashionistas would say. Would look good on any watch with red lettering on the dial.

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