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RWG Encrypted Traffic


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I posted this as a PS in another topic, but I figured it needed a topic of its own.

All traffic between RWG and your computer is now encrypted. Since we have established a store with a checkout facility hooked up to Stripe.com, we wanted you to feel safe when you enter your personal info, and since we encrypt the traffic on these pages, we might as well do it on all the other pages.


So on most pages, you should see a closed lock when you browse RWG. However, there will be certain pages, until the caching server has caught up with the recent changes, that will display so called "mixed content", meaning that some of the content is not encrypted. This is usually pictures loaded from the server and this error will disappear after a while. All pages where you enter personal details (login, checkout, store, donations, etc) does not have this problem, so your info is perfectly safe,

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Any web URL (address) that begins with 'https' (note the 's') instead of 'http' is encrypted, which means the characters you type into the page are coded in such a way that they cannot be read by someone who may have hacked in between you & the website. This helps to protect your personal information.

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