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Best TD for Panerai?


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Just thought I'd put the question out there; I am having a lot of trouble communicating re. my latest purchase, and wondered who really is the best to go (I know, I know, a question I should have asked earlier!)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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It depends what you are after.......    There are TD's with huge WEB Sites and TD's with a smaller number of offerings.    There are TD's that will accept PayPal from newbs and others who won't, until you build a positive history with them.   

Over the years, I have come to favor the smaller TD's like Toro and Intime.   I find they have time to give me more personalized service and take great care to select pieces for me that are top quality.    Some of the superstore type TD's like Trusty and Puretime seem to have so much volume that they lose some of that personalized service.

Of course if the smaller TD does not have the model you want, then you need to try the big guys.

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