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Latest and hopefully last purchase...PAM 243


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As most of you know I've been a sick flipper the past years.

It seems to me that this "phase" is over now...

My collection contains 9 reps now from which 5 are with since more than 6 months now...feels like I really made it :)


Therefore I'd like to share the pics I made just now from my latest purchase...


A very nice 243 on a rockin Elephant hide strap from PhillyRock...






I already ordered swiss 7750 for my Panerais and try to source a swiss 7753 as well as a gen dial for my 187.

Since reliability always was my biggest concern it was a good idea to have all my reps with swiss movements. 

No problems since and I doubt there will be some in the near future. And I bet this is one of the reasons why I don't sell them. I won't get back what I invested so I keep'em :)

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Well...my first experience with these cyclops (was with my 087) was like...meh...

But I learned that that's the way they are and that they are great under water.

Makes somehow sense since it's a diver but on the other hand...would it be ever necessary to read the date under water?? ;)

Sent from my wooden drums via Tupperware

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