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best vintage seamaster 300 rep

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Unfortunately there isn't a very accurate version of this beauty. Mine is nice and some mods have made it nicer: Big Dazza lume and I coated the insert with fingernail polish to make it look old and skanky, I've subsequently tinted the numbers yellowish on the insert too.

But the crystal is popped in from the front and only a little bezel friction holds it in place. No bueno!


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Unfortunately for a vintage sm300 there is no rep option from the so common sources; case shape and dimensions, dial size, bezel shape and assembly, insert, etc... are all far away from the real mccoy.

The only decent option is a vietnam rep, the most accurate I know.

i found one in 2018 and share some pics of it (case has correct dimensions and made to fit a cal. 550 omega mvmt, 27.5mm dial, 60 click bidirectional bezel and a mil engraved caseback).

It has gone through relume and dial ageing after a minor accident and is now waiting for a custom made plexi insert.






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I believe that a lot of the SM300’s that come up on EBay are these Vietnam cased watches. They are gen spec and they all have Omega movements. They are pretty hard to tell from the genuine unless you are pretty darn knowledgeable about the vintage SM 300’s.

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