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Space Dweller build


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Hey fellas here is my Space Dweller that I just assembled this morning while trying to kick my jet lag lol 

let me know what you think.. aside from the hands that are far too white lol 

its a JMB v2 case with gen like serial and model engravings to place it in 1963 the year the Dweller was sold in Japan. 

Whoopy gloss dial 

ETA 2836 












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Looks good, Bro!  As mentioned tone down the hands a bit and either thin the crown a bit.  You can do a decent job on the crown by chucking it in a drill, locking the frill on, and holding a fine file against the crown to produce a bevel.  This will cause the crown to appear much thinner, closer to gen.  Here's a slightly thinned crown on a watch I just sold:


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hmm interesting. So chamfer the inner side with a fine file to thin the crown ?  ill give that a shot ! thanks for the input fellas and thanks for the case set J !  still have not assembled my Daytona yet lol too many projects on the go. I seem to get a push when i get home from work after being gone a month then it tames off when i realize how much time and money im spending :)  


Oh and by the way i friggen love that white explorer !! 

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21 hours ago, Sogeha said:

Spacedweller, Les Paul and what looks like a 339, a man with impeccable taste.

That's a custom shop NOS 54' Gold top Les Paul and a 1964 ES335 Warren Haynes custom shop ? 

My obsession for guitars is worst than my obsession for watches lol have 14 more that I cycle out when my mood changes ?

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I've seen glossy ones on gens online. But no idea as these in gen form are a rarity. 


Here is is an update on mine.. toned down the white hands and added a gen crown (or I think is gen as it came on my 1520 gen movement) 

added 580 endlinks and a riveted bracelet and I softened the plexy and just need to repolish the case a bit after working it a little around the crown. 







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Looks good!  I finished my Space Dweller a couple months back but still haven't got a good tint match on the hands.


Out of curiosity how much "stem bind" do you have?  The cases I use to make these from are for a 2824 movement...

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"Out of curiosity how much "stem bind" do you have?  The cases I use to make these from are for a 2824 movement..."


You didn't ask me but my answer is...quite a bit of stem bind.  I used swisseta 2824 plates with 2846 running gear and drilled/threaded the case to use a regular 6.0mm case tube and genuine crown.  A 2836/2846 was too thick on the dial side and the stem lining up in the tube was worse.  I've worn it quite a bit in the last year and have had no stem trouble.  I do not wind it or set it very much though.

I got two cases in February 2016 and have not used the other one.

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