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Rolex Wristies thread


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Model 1003 from early 1960s...


Case is 34mm, cal 1560, Yuki dial, ST hands, GS crystal.

I've posted this one before iirc, ran across it when hunting for the AKs.


One Air-King (!) and one Air-King (?)



Upper one is 100% a genuine 14000M with 3130 and the lower one is a replica '14000' with swiss ETA 2836/sapphire.

The nos replica 'AK' has a 36mm case with 20mm hoods and the slightly used genuine AK has a 34mm case with 19mm hoods.

The replica keeps time as close as the genuine model and the running reserve is about the same.

Do not know what made the zit at 49 min, the bezel is fine.  Posted the 14000M before, please excuse the ratty pics.


Nos Daffy Diver from 1994.  


Daffy Duck | Looney tunes characters, Classic cartoon characters, Daffy ... 

Daffy Duck was 'born' in the late 1930s.


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High mileage E320840...image.thumb.jpeg.dac17016d2d6c328da02f4f17baf1b0b.jpeg

Fifteen+ years old, now with A21 (came with swiss 2836).  Case clamps, brass spacer, sapphire, spring wire bezel etc. with F520117 bracelet.  F520... 'noob' bracelets will fit some of these, not all because the end links are usually too thin for cases of this type, depends on how the cases are machined.  Some of these were passed off as noobmariners during the 'noob frenzy' but they were too wokky to pass for long.

Smudge on bez at 12 is glue.


Dirty Dozen...


What can I say?  I am a junque accumulator.  Always have been.  :pimp:

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Genuine 90% condition 15200 case, dial, hands, crown, crystal...



Powered by NOS Mido Commander/ETA 12892.  This movement is the same ligne size (12.5) as rolex 3135 and is a drop-in fit, no 'Stilty Spacer' needed.


Assembled by RWG member 'Stilty' 8+ years go.  I bought it when he left this 'hobby'.


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Wearing this today, SS/14K 'DJ'...


Quickie 'DJ' project with 'Monarch Polfy' case/dial/hands, ST6D mvt, 14K aftmkt bez, sapphire xtal, all steel bracelet. 

Recent assembly but all parts are from 15+ years ago. 



Same watch with Riyi strap hoods, ZRC Aero strap and high mileage 14K buckle...


These hoods are good to use on cases with no serial numbers etc. between the lugs like this one.




The crown is genuine!

Q...Does it qualify as a Frankenstein?


It's a Fronkensteen!!

See the source image


You do not see many 'Monarch Polfy' cases today...


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