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Rolex 5500 AK with case dated III 68...


Cleaned/oiled/mainspring/case tube/crystal/blued steel SS hand/gaskets/ZRC strap, finished 5-23-23. 

No case corrosion...it is getting hard to find a 50+ year old steel Rolex watch case with no corrosion.

Dial and hands are in first class condition.  

Crystal is a GS PA 459-37 (generic Tropic 11), case tube, ZRC strap, and oem spec spring bars from ST,  Blued SS hand from S. LaRose years ago...SS hand has pointed tip on short end to match pointed tips of H and M hands.  Aftmkt steel buckle.  



Movement is a 26 jewel 'hack' 1520 in excellent condition.  It has a date type canon pinion and hour wheel with the calendar drive gear removed.


To give more space between hands and dial.  The short no date CP and H wheel mount the hands close to the dial and the date type CP and H wheel combo mounts them about .5mm higher.  The domed crystal gives plenty of room for the hands to mount higher.  



Later in the day...

f333 and jackflash:


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