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Rolex GMT-Master 16700 Build

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It's been some time since I posted a build thread here, but I just finished one in which some might have some interest.  I have wanted to build a GMT-Master II 16710 for a long time but just never got to it.  It's near impossible unless you have a spare 3186 movement laying around, or a Yuki built up to proper specs.


I wasn't really aware of the 16700 until I came across the dial on eBay.  I did some research and a good 16700 seemed like just the thing to build as I have come to love the vintage modern watches with sapphire crystals.


I was in possession of a Noob 16570 Explorer 2 which I wasn't happy with and never wore so I decided it needed to morph into something else.  I found a near perfect, 16700 Swiss-only dial and purchased it on a good offer and it was accepted.  Then I was able to purchase a fat font w/serifs, bezel insert, so I was off to the races. I sent the case to JMB to drill the lugs (there are no 16700s without lugholes) to accomodate 2MM springbars and then ordered Yuki's 93153 bracelet. The 16700s really came with a 93150 bracelet and a sub-type clasp, but there are some without that, as well. I used a TC bezel which seems to duplicate the original very nicely.  The GMT hand is not adjustable, per the gen.  The bezel does not click, per the gen...see below. It is a gen ETA 2836-2 modified to GMT, of course.  Someday I may address the incorrect hand stack, but, who's gonna notice.  The only time it is obvious is twice a day for the few moments that the hour hand should pass under the GMT hand.  Other than that...I don't care.


If you're not familiar with the 16700; it is the forerunner of the 16710...made from 1988 to 1999. It differs from the 16710 in three ways, maybe four. The 16700 is visually different in that it says GMT-Master on the dial while the 16710 says GMT-Master II.  The other differences are from the movement.  The 16700 has no individually adjustable hands.  The GMT hand is a 24-hour hand and it just follows the time-keeping.  The 16710 has an individually-adjustable hour hand and that is what makes it, virtually, impossible to rep without the movement.  Additionally, the 16710 has a bi-directional bezel that clicks both ways, while the 16700 is bi-directional but does not click.  After my study, were I in the market for a gen, I would not turn down a good deal on a 16700. Actually, four ways...while the 16700 has quick-set date adjustment, the 16710 is adjusted by turning the individually-adjustable hour hand around two turns until the date changes. Experts, please correct any errors.


Well, I have some pics...

















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Another dumb question. So the noob explorer has the right hand stack?

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No! The only thing here that is Noob Explorer is the case. This watch is not CHS. The reliability of the CHS movements, right now, seem iffy. Could
be wrong.
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The watch looks super fine!

Using the Exp II case solves the wide crown cut-out problem.


Hand stack problems...

I had a genuine late 1980s Red & Blue R427xxx 16750 (cal 3075) in 1991 with printed markers/acrylic crystal and making up a replica like it might also be a good project, the reason being it has the correct 24H, 12H, M, Sec hand stack and thicker case much like a submariner...the 3075 has a QS date but the 24H hand is geared to the 12H hand like a 1675.  For this reason a later model thick replica case could be used along with a swiss or Asian eta 2836 with the Asian 24 hour conversion to make a '16750'...this would solve the thin case/slow beat movement 1675 hassles.  One main catch would be the OPD dial because it looks like all (most?) of the genuine 16750 matte dials with printed markers had OP dials (not OPD above center like most of the 1675 replica dials made for eta 28xx) that could be used on this project...or you could always go with a Yuki 1675 (27.3mm) dial to make it look better.


I looked at my 'nos' swisseta fast beat/OPD dial '1675' from about 10 years back and it has a slightly smaller crown cut-out than a submariner but uses a 6mm crown instead of 5.3mm...might also be an Exp II case to start with. 

NOS replicas...it that a 'collector category' or a curse?   :pimp:


Rolex Caliber  3075

Introduced  1981

Power Reserve  42 Hours

Jewels  27

Fixed 24 Hour GMT Hand


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