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Wristies - thread consolidation?


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I first put this in 'Gen Wristies' but it is not really genuine enough to qualify so I moved it here.

Ebel SS/18KYG 'Sport Classic'...  


Specs...came with a worn/short metal bracelet screwed to the case and I cut the metal web between the lugs away, drilled spring bar holes, and mounted a strap.  It needed a crown and all I had was a Cartier 'blue cabochon' crown and since Ebel made many Cartier watches back then, they used same case tube so a Cartier crown fits.  High $$ Ebel/Cart movement was toast so I stuck an ETA 256.031/2 in it after removing the dial feet.  It has to be a very thin movement with the detent button under the dial so this movement was one of very few that would work because of the detent location and the watch being only 5.1mm thick.

To change the batt...remove the 5 gold screws, bezel, and crystal.  Remove the hands and pull the dial off with Rodico.  Push the detent button and remove the stem/crown, drop the movement out and r/r the (315) batt, and put it all back together.  This project was started in 2007, put away, and finished in 2013. 


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