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Nikki6....Take a walk on the wild side.


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Today I am interviewing a member and moderator that I am sure we are all familiar with, a man who looks at limitations not as an end point but as just another challenge to defeat. Nikki6 arrived on our board like a tropical storm and has entertained and informed us ever since. He is a friend to us all, which isn’t hard because Nikki6 only wants 3 things from you, sit down, buckle up and hold on.


KB: Hello Nikki6 and thank you for agreeing to this interview.

Nikki6: Hi Ken, my pleasure


KB: The way I like to start these interviews off is by getting a little background on where the love of mechanical watches started with you, so what is the Nikki6 story?

N6: For me it started with a *gasp* Quartz. My pops, Geoff, had one of those casio red led watches and I thought it was the coolest thing I’d ever seen! My first memory of liking a mechanical watch was with my other hero Barry Sheene, My pops being the other, I remember him wearing a gold rolex on a poster I had of him and was fascinated by it! So Id say the first mechanical was from Mr Sheene, but my love of watches came from the red led casio.

KB: As a long term team member I can say that we had our eye on you for a very long time and that, if anything, your promotion to the team was long overdue. So tell me of the board on offer what attracted you to RWG and do you find those qualities are still present today?

N6: I thought that question was going to be slightly different as I Listened to it, people having an eye on me is a lifelong effort! ;)

I found the board, as so many do, after being scammed for a Tag Link chrono. I received a real POS from the site and that started me trying to find if this had happened to others, which led me here. From this first couple of days of trying to figure out how it worked with the speech software I used, I was picking up vibes of very good place to be, from funny posts, through to the incredibly funny and in depth write ups from members like ToadTorrent, to trying to work out WTF was a wristy?!! Over the next few weeks and months, as I grew more adept with my speech software and the help of some great members who went on to be great friends, combatants and people I held in very high esteem and do to this day, I started to discover not only the world of watches, but the world again! That may sound rather contrite, but in my case it was actually the case. Through the generosity of the members on this board I got my life back, having lost my sight completely just 8 months previously, they took the time out of their lives to be patient with me, describe watches for me, sometimes too incredible detail, PM me to ask how things were and the space to roam the forum as a whole with this new world of sound rather than sight.

I can honestly say, this forum was a huge part of getting my life back together after losing my sight and still does to this day!


KB: A little known fact about me is that I am quite deaf but I have played at professional level in music, having said that to be vision impaired and ride motorbikes just leaves me in awe. Can you tell

us all the details of the fastest sight impaired man on earth?

N6: ............

Geoff :- “Right bud, you ready?”

Me :- “Let's do it”

Geoff :- “ Gas, gas, gas.”

Me :- “Well I wasn’t going to paddle it down there you dick”

Geoff :- “move it dickhead”

Me :- “let's do it”

*wind noise, wind noise*

Geoff (rather faintly):- “L2, L2,L2”

Me :- *nods head* (like that mattered?!) *corrects position*

Geoff :- (really faintly now) “go, go, go, 135…..muffle, muffle…..wind noise”

Me :- *wind noise* “Geoff? GEOFF?! oh fuck, he’s gone!!” *really loud wind noise, heavy side wind hits my right side* “Oh bollocks!!” *wind, wind* “fuck it” *digs elbows into my ribs in a race crouch in the hope I won’t wander too far, Oh shit hit with really hard side wind, gas,gas, snick 5th gear, another gust hits, gas, gas, snick 6th gear, hit by hardest gust yet, lean slightly off the side to go straight, Strain for all I’m worth to try and hear geoff cause I’m pretty sure I should be braking by now, wind,wind, fuckit,gas gas* *wind wind, Strains even more because there is a huge Vulcan Bomber at the end of this fucking runway that I want nothing to do with!! wind wi.. bra….brake…..Fucking brake!!!!” *rolls off throttle as geoff continues to scream to brake, I brake!*

Annnnnnnd new world record!




KB: Recently you had a GTG with our very own Nanuq (a legend of the board himself) so can you tell us what you guys got up to and maybe show us some happy snaps?

N6: What happens on the Island, stays on the Island! lol

It was one of the best weeks of my life if I’m honest, not only was Nanuq there, but my great friend, Aston Jenks was there too, in fact, we were both there due to AJ. AJ had decided to run a supersport team to run at the Isle of Man TT (supersport = 600cc inline 4 cylinder bikes or 675 triples) AJ had gotten 2 Triumph daytona 675 bikes built by a real Triumph legend and was running previous winner Gary Johnson on them. Knowing I was a huge bike nut, AJ very kindly let me be a small part of the team from the beginning, whether it was for advice “I take 2 sugars in my tea Sixx” or technical knowledge “ I said sugar not salt you fuck wit!” I was onboard from the off, desperate to help my friend get the most coverage I could. I used old contacts in the bike press, twitter took a serious beating over the head with TT3 racing (AJ’s team) as did facebook and anywhere else I could spam!

Got a call one day fromAJ asking if I’d booked anything as yet, I said no, he said good, Clare’s just

booked your flight,we have a house for the week we’ll pick you up at the airport! Blimey!! So off to Glasgow airport and over to the TT I went. Right enough, special services wheel me out and there is a booming shout of the man himself and some weird american drawl. Huge hugs all round and we were off in a rather lovely Merc which had, unknown to me,hugging seat pods at the side, so when the car went round left corner the side of the seat would move and keep you held in more securely, not knowing this one of my first convos with Nanuq was that if he didn’t stop nudging my seat I'd Batter him! lol

We had an awesome week, Big Minty was my security detail and as such had to push me to get ice cream at least once a day! We came in the top 10 in both supersport races, beating the TT legend John McGuinness in both races, we done did good. Afterwards AJ had been working something that had never been done on the Island before and was going to raffle a real piece of TT history for lucky winner,The Daytona 675 that Gary had just finished 8th in the race on! (hence me spamming everywhere for all I was worth to sell tickets)

In the end, a member of our armed forces won the bike, AJ was still disgustingly chipper as Big Minty and I felt like we had been wrung out and me with some spectacular sunburn to boot! A week that I’ll never forget, not least for the 2 men mentioned above, the ever gorgeous Clare and the guys working with us, it was an incredible experience and one I’ll hold dearly till I’m gone!

Huge thanks AJ and Nanuq and if you want pics, Big Minty is your man, he took pics of anything and everything!!



 Left is AJ his lovely lady and Nikki6.../....Middle is Nikki6.....Right (sneaking into the pic) is the legendary Big minty nanuq :) 

IMG_8876_small_zpsx6cs8mxg.jpg             IMG_9059_small_zpskeoeetz8.jpg              IMG_9083_small_zpskrh5cqtz.jpg


KB: Motorbikes is a big love of your life, tell us a bit about what you have now but also those from the past and where it all started.

N6: It started at the age of about 4 maybe 5 when I lived in Germany, Geoff was in the Army, so we moved around a lot, we went to an F1 race at the nurburgring (yes, that race!!). While we were there Geoff got a shout from a guy in the pits, he looked around and obviously knew him and was on his way to talk to him when I fell into line with him. It turned out one of the team mechanics knew Geoff from Rallying (Geoff was a rally driver when I was young) they were chatting and being a sneaky wee bugger I was looking for a way a small Scots boy could fit through the barrier, when much to my surprise and early age indignation, I was hauled by the scruff over the barrier by some monster of a guy! He put me down, I’ll never forget going from pure fear to uproarious laughter as he smiled and poked hi false teeth out at me! He Took me to the team pit and I was just goggle eyed at all the stuff around me, then a grumpy voice from the darkness rumbled, “don’t touch anything or I’ll cut yer feckin fingers off” I Now know that this is the appropriate greeting from a grisled old irish mechanic to a small child! He came out and ruffled my hair, leaving an oil stain that my mam was less than pleased about later, and asked who i was and why was I in his garage and answer quickly or i was out. Being a cocky wee sod from birth, I puffed my wee chest out and said “ I don’t talk to strangers so you better go first” This had him twitch the corners of his mouth which I was assured, meant he liked me. He took me around the pit, showing me things with the constant threat of finger loss or a crack around the ear if i dared touch anything! I spied a bike and was instantly over to it, completely ignoring the monster F1 car that was parked in the middle of the garage, this also amused him, I asked why it looked scruffy compared to the car and his answer is still in my life today “Thats whats called ‘hard shine son, it’s a fecking bitch to get it but worth every second of it when you do!” This was my first life lesson and that lesson would stand me in good stead throughout my


Fast Forward to high school, I was 12 and by this time was totally in love with bikes, my mate at the time lived on a farm and him and his dad had MX bikes, so I learned to ride one there and then, jumped a couple of tumbles later and I was ‘flying’ down the field at at least 400 mph, or 20 mph if you lived outside my head! From that moment I was hooked on them even more. I rode Motocross for a while then it fell by the wayside for me to leave home,playing in band's, tour europe, play on the legendary Sunset Strip, and generally just be a baby rock star.

Fast Forward again and I’m in my 20's I don’t drive or ride as I don’t have a license, I Drank too much and refused to even be in the predicament of thinking I was ok to drive even though I Wasn't fit to walk! I was offered a job with IBM, but I had to pass my driving test to get it, 8 lessons later and I passed on the friday, started work on the monday. I would drive about 1,000 miles a week, covering all of scotland and the Iles. 2 months later I took my bike test, passed and picked up a lovely kawasaki ZZR600 rode that for a year and a bit, but after a while I wanted something more sports focused, so I ended up buying my Ex’s kawasaki ZX6R ninja, I loved that bike, I really learned how to ride on that machine and loved it, right up until the day I got hit and broke my back. After a year in a body brace, still on crutches notable to walk I decided I wanted to try and ride again, Incomes a gorgeous Honda CBR600fx, it was an amazing wee bike, not as focused as maybe the ZX6 or other bikes I would come to own, but exactly what I needed to get my confidence back. I would collapse my crutches down and put them in a backpack and off I Would go. A couple of years later I bought a suzuki GSXR1000 LTd stealth black, what a machine that was, it was a complete missile! I bought 2 more suzuki's,GSX R600 and the Suzuki Hayabusa that I broke the world record on. Still Have The CBR600.








KB: Ok back on topic, tell us about your current watch collection, those that hold a special place and those that you have let go.

N6: My current collection is pretty ridiculous if I'm Honest, I have way more than I can afford or wear for that matter,but each time I come to cutting the collection down I think, aww I love that one, or I need to keep that one, oh I like that one again,in the end about 2get sold! Most of the collection is Breitling,most people know my love of Breits, a good few Pams Which I Also love, a few Tags carrera and aquaracers, a Paul Picot Plongeur Type C that is like hens teeth these days, IWC, Aquatimers, AP Diver and Project X diver and Legends all time favourite Marcus. Mainly I collect breitlings though, just love them!

My old V2 skyland was the first real rep I Bought and I still love it! Omega SMPC Chrono, My seawolf. My favourite watch is a russian pilot watch that isn’t anything special to the eye, but it was a gift from hackR and Hike when I was ill in hospital, that will always be my favourite watch and will never go, it was given with love and is kept with love!


KB: Do you get your watches modded or like me just love them for the quality they already possess?

N6: I tend to be like you and enjoy them for what they are, although I have a few frankens, they aren’t the be all and end all for me, I just love watches!

KB: And finally which watches are you waiting patiently for release or which watches would you like to see produced?

N6: I’d like to see some of the Breitlings Get the 7753 movement put in them, they are so well made,boot that sunken dte is still a pain. I'd love to see the Graham Silverstone repped, such a great piece, nice and chunky! Other Than that, I'm Pretty happy with what's on offer!




KB: So 5 Minutes of fame…..


KB: Occupation? 

N6: Professional Blind Cripple!


KB: Married or single? 

N6: Living in sin


KB:Beer, wine or spirits? 

N6: Vodka and cider


KB: Red Meat or Veg? 

N6: Meat all day long!


KB: Favourite bands? 

N6: Man, this always the hardest question I get asked! New York Dolls, Hanoi Rocks, Motley Crue, Misfits, Sex Pistols, Guns n’ Roses, Hardcore Superstar. Loads more too!


KB: If you could chose 3 people (past or current) to sit down to dinner with they would be? 
N6: Big Minty, AJ and my best friend who died way too young.




Nikki6 I thank you for your time today and for the chance for us all to get to know you a little better. Git back out there and make us more enjoyable memories.

"Whit's fur ye'll no go past ye."




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What a great interview of a great man!  The phrase "cocky wee sod" fits perfect, he's about a dozen feisty Scotsmen crammed into one outrageously handsome body (don't forget my bank account number for your marketing payments, ya wanker!)


Sitting at the Team T3 paddock with crowds of petrolheads milling around, we roasted in the sun and N6, being man of opportunity, offered nubile young lasses the chance to slather sun lotion all over his famous racing skin.  There were rumors too of sharpies and baps and *cough* signatures  but I can't say I personally witnessed any.  :whistling:


It was an honor to spend some time with you mate.  And we're honored to have ya here.


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New York Dolls - Personality Crisis

Great read! I truly enjoyed the pictures as well.


Never hard about that "Big minty nanuq" before Ken, but he looks just like an Alaskan scout leader named Rob on this board..what does even "Big minty" refer to? a kind of big dog?

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48 minutes ago, Sogeha said:

Nice to finally know some people who appreciate The New York Dolls.

Big Minty I suspect because his avatar is blatant product placement.



Nanug is a see-through candy..now it all makes sence.. an Alaskan sweet.

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It's a UK sweet Gran, I mentioned it years ago when someone told me what his avatar was, I got a frosty (no pun) reception that said "that's not a polar bear, THIS is a polar bear"que picture of huge fecking polar bear not too far from the man himself, but it stuck and I've called him it ever since.

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A name I bear *cough* with pride!!
But c'mon polar bears aren't THAT big...


Hey N6 I'm heading east for two weeks, how about you head west and we meet in the middle?

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7 hours ago, nikki6 said:

It's a UK sweet Gran, I mentioned it years ago when someone told me what his avatar was, I got a frosty (no pun) reception that said "that's not a polar bear, THIS is a polar bear"que picture of huge fecking polar bear not too far from the man himself, but it stuck and I've called him it ever since.


Good one :1a: Big Minty he is from now on to eternity. That macho polar bear stuff is udated, polar bears simply fear him because of his agility with thermal tests (they despise flames) :hammer:



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I'm more concerned about a broken Sixx than the bike. True it's not my bike, but still. 

Anyway he already has the World record and he has been much faster on a bike blind than I have with sight.

I had a Suzuki B120 which got replaced with a GS550 then soon after with a GS750. Those are bikes I can cope with.

I wanted to be one of the big guys, so I got a GPZ900R. I opened it up on the motorway once, got caught by crosswinds over the Pennines and unexpectedly changed three lanes at a hundred and plenty. I never really enjoyed that bike afterwards and sold it before the year was out. These days fast on a motorbike is sixty for me.

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