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WTB 1575 movment clamp screw

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as the post says need a pair of movement screw to secure it. let me know if you have those handy, i know that wholesaleoutlet has them, but he will not sell to me :(

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12 hours ago, bobandshawn said:

WSO won't sell to you???



Nope. I gave him bad feedback back in 2014 and he banned me from buying,. I did email him and ask to why i cant buy. hopping that someone else have an extra one or perhaps there another place to buy. monopoly sucks

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If 1575 = rolex 1575 movement, there are four styles of case screws:


1...Regular flat head screw.  Self explanatory.  Use the size that is needed.


2...Screw with a thinner outside 'skirt'.  The 'skirt' area is thinner than where the screwdriver slots is.  This is probably the most common type.

'Skirt' screw:  eBay item number  182288035756


3...'Knife edge' screw.  Outer diameter is knife edged to fit where a regular screw will not go. 

'Knife edge' screw:  eBay item number  322379259479


4...'Notch head' screw:  There is about one third of the screw head cut away.  This is done so the movement can be inserted straight down into the case with the notches facing outward, then the screw is backed out (hopefully into the groove) to hold tension on the movement.  This type of screw is sometimes a real pain because they will not turn into the notch because the screw head it too thick or has to be unscrewed too much to line the notch up to slip past the rail of the case groove when installing the movement/dial combo.  This type of screw keeps from having to set the movement in the case where notches are cut in the case to allow for the case screw heads, then turning the movement to where it needs to be.

'Notch head' screw:  eBay item number  152410745980


On a few projects, I used case screws and case clamps because the screws would not line up in the groove in the case.  MBK Frankenstein '5512' for example.  Knife edge screws may have worked but I went with screws and clamps because you do not have to turn the movement/dial combo in the case to put it in the correct position.  Turning the movement/dial combo in the case can scuff paint off the outer edge of the dial.


Tip:  If the movement/dial combo gets stuck in the case when turning it to the correct position...use a pin wrench to turn the movement/dial combo one way or the other.  There are two holes in the back side of the main plate where the tips of a pin wrench will fit...this should  prevent damage or scratches to the movement when turning the movement/dial combo.  I have had some movement/dial combos stuck tight in the case, not just on project watches but on genuine watches as well.

Try the movement/dial combo in the case without case screws first to make sure there is no binding.  Usually they hang up because the case screws get stuck in the groove in the case.


Cheapo pin wrench:  eBay item number  252149585873

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