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Been a watch enthusiast for years now

And JLC is my favourite brand.


I have a few Omegas and Rollies and

Love them to bits
















Recently however I bought a vintage Tudor 7016/0 and got burned.


Turned out to be a replica. A very well made one

with Original movement and crown. A search led me to this forum




Hope to learn more from you guys



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Welcome and sorry you got burned. The people around here would never do such a thing and actually do a great service by helping people spot non-genuine watches. What you'll realize is that no one and I mean no one, knows more about watches than the people on replica forums. They build them piece by piece and know every detail. It's an amazing place and if you stick around you'll learn too.


Love your speedy. My 105.012 says hello. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1494915535.961529.thumb.jpg.c0a94388cce666bf207cc763c6a035f3.jpg




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Thank you Imajedi :)


Yes, I am learning a lot browsing through here


The more detailed review about these watches are actually found

in this forum. Great replica, sad that I have to pay gen price though

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