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Can the dial on a 7750 be adjusted?

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So I have a PAM 569 with the 7750. Purchased from a member over on repgeek. Beautiful watch, haven't taken it off in over a week. Anyways I noticed that the date sits just a touch high in the window. No biggie watch is still stunning. Then I noticed that the markers at 12 line up just a touch off from the bezel marker at 12. The bezel is not off at all. The marker at 45 lines up perfect with the stem. The more I look at it if the dial was rotated a slight bit to the right (clockwise) and the movement stayed where it is  now that should put the date in perfect alignment and align the 12 markers with the bezel just about perfect. Is rotating the dial upon the movement a fraction even possible.

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Yes it is, but it is only a fraction, you may get  0.2 mm . those 7750 dials are stubborn to move. You will definitely need a very good movement holder to do it and a steady nerve. 


I don't know your circumstances, if your not used to working with watches send it out to one of our smiths here. They have the kit 

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