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***Pictorial review*** Tudor 2016 Pelagos LHD destro diver from Trustytime

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XF factory... I am impressed!!!


As a big Rollie fan, I guess it was just a matter of time Tudor would chime more into my collection. I bought this piece from Trustytime as I do for over 12 years by now. You can't go wrong with Andrew guys. Fast communication and shipping as well.


I recently heard he was waiting for stocks to come in regarding this new Destro. I actually never owned a destro before. It wears suprisingly well due to the crown which does not presses into your hand constantly while working.


Here some specs from Trusty to start of with:




XF Factory Tudor Pelagos LHD Destro Diver

Made with a Genuine Pelagos LHD Destro Diver 1:1

ONLY one in Market to be made with a Genuine!!

**Free Rubber Strap will be included with every purchase!


MOVEMENT: Nickel Plated Asia Eta 2824-2 Automatic Movement, 25J, 28800bph



DIAL COLOR: Black Dial with Lumed Box Markers and "PELAGOS" in Red Font, Patina colored markers

CASE MATERIAL: Solid Brushed Titanium Case Kit (Like Genuine)

BRACELET: Solid Brushed Titanium bracelet with Special Deployant buckle

FRONT GLASS: Sapphire Crystal with Colorless Double AR Coating (Swiss Grade)

CASE BACK: Solid case back with random limited serial engraving

BEZEL: Uni-directional Diver Bezel, Anti-Clockwise (With Lume on Bezel)


CLASP TYPE: Deployant Buckle

DATE INDICATOR: At 3:00 position (Adjusted via the crown)

**Roulette Style Datewheel - Even Number is Red Font, Odd Number is Black Font




Waterproofed to 30m direct from Factory






The case:


The watch measures 42mm in diameter and (how cool!) it is made of real titanium. The case has a really good looking nice matte/satin finish to it which comes with beautifull beveled edges. The nicely decorated crown is protected by the typical Tudor 'pointed' crown guards. The matte finish of the case and bracelet seems to hide scratches really well also. On the rightside of the case you will find the smooth looking decorated helium release valve. The caseback has a nicely brushed effect on it, just like the clasp etc. VERY crisp engravings btw, XF did a great job with that! Compared to the many subs I own, it seems this Tudor wears a little bit bigger but I don't mind that at all.


The Dial:


I have to admit It is difficult to look at this watch without comparing it to Rolex, I had to teach myself this is NOT a rolex but a brand on his own with a wink to Rolex, but they are family as we all know. The Pelagos has square hour markers placed in what people call "slots". The minute indicators are based on the higher locationed rehaut. The rehaut also has the cut outs in it for the earlier mentioned hour indicators. I really like the effect of this dial build up. The dial seems (at first sight) to have the same structure compared to the rehaut but, in fact it has a matte finish which I find to be just pure watch porn. I always like matte finished dials especially when sunlight hits the dial (see pics below). The dial printing is (just like all the engravings) very crisp... kudos! The lume on this black boy is incredibly strong and tinted bright blue. Personally I also like the missing magnifier on the date, it makes the watch looks more clean but perhaps also a bit bigger.


The datewheel:


Nice feature is the black vs. red datewheel, even numers red, uneven black... I love that!


The Bezel:


One of the first things I noticed is the firm grip you have on the bezel, completely different compared to Rolex. No fingers sliding over the bezel trying to turn it, the small groves/cut outs give you a perfect strong grip. Like the SubC's, I believe this Bezel is also made of ceramic. But in the case of the Tudor it seems it is a matte ceramic. Luminous material is (I believe) injected directly into the ceramic for hashing. Tudor does not work with a pearl because they simply say it will fall off as many Rollie owners can confirm . The bezel rotates smooth with very firm loud and crisp clicks with, absolutely no wiggling or whatsoever.


The Bracelet and clasp:


The bracelet really looks bada$$, again probably mostly due to the matte satin finish. It wears smooth and very very comfortable (I gave it an oil bath also). The design of the clasp on this bracelet makes it even more special. It opens and closes very slick and firm. The clasp has 3 standard positions you can adjust the normal wearing size with, this you can do by sliding the clasp (a bit like how the rolex SubC clasp works). But, also it has the "stretch out / spring adjusted" function which allows the bracelet to adjust with the wearer's motion. It was designed for divers whose wrists expands and contracts based on the pressure change while diving. On top of that there is the common known folding out 'divers extension'... so many options to choose! A nice bonus from the XF factory is the free Rubber strap. I haven't put it on yet as I prefer wearing the bracelet but many guys around here probably do like the rubber option. Perhaps I will try it later on, it does feel smooth and feels like top quality.


My conclussion: To be honnest XF made a great quality watch and I really feel like... if you own this watch why go GEN? The quality is simply amazing and besides Rollex I found myself another brand I am starting to fall in love with.


Enjoy the pics and have a great day!





























































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Great post and photos! I bought one right on its release and have to say I haven't had a day without it on!

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How's the lume compared to e.g. a TC, standard Noob/JF-Chromalite and gen Rollie?


Got any references to give me a hint?

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