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Im trying to do better

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tyrantblade    9

I guess im a glutton for punishment  (in whichever form it comes, whether it be because of something i did, or because of somebody else) and i probably do the wrong thing way too often.


But every now and then i really try my hardest to do better; well the last two weeks I've decided to put more dedication into losing weight (worked out for more than 1 hour: 12 of the last 14 days) and trying to do better financially.


And I've stopped drinking as i figure thats bad for both.


And my biggest challenge is gonna be figuring out how i will pay for 1/2 of the cost of 2 permanent dental implants; especially with trying to balance the household bills with my younger brother doing a lot of nothing while he doesnt have a job.


The dental implants will be the final part of a long process to fix my messed up smile; which got so much worse from when i was 13 and the dentist at the time said i needed braces and stuff happened so it got so much worse (braces to come off in November after about 27 months if treatment).


Anyways, figured i would post an update since i dont post here too often; since im not in the rep business these days and some of you seem to still care (i know ive done a lot to make many people mad enough to think of me as some troll or idiot and not care).


Im also planning on selling my 2 watches here in November; since i dont have the upgraded membership required for watch sales here and i have a better chance of being able to use those funds for the 2 dental implants if i sell then instead of now.





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Sogeha    601

Good to hear you are coping better, and good to hear from you

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