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Batch 3: Modded AP SS JF V7 divers

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Hi guys


As you remember, I have offered in batches modded SS JF V7 and Noob V4 FC divers. The A2824 divers have been unavailable for a long while, and recently available again from the TD. I will be offering 10 fully modded divers again, with the following specs. Please PM if interested for price and availability thank you.


Base Watch:

JF V7 AP ROO stainless steel diver



1. ETA low beat movement conversion, including service and regulation

2. Omega datewheel for AP ROO divers

3. Dial mod for the wet gloss look

4. Mk1 cyclop

5. Waterproofed to 6 atm minimum

6. Bezel screws polish, align and recess


Below are pictures of 2 of the fully modded diver as examples. Please note that the base watches are with me, and there will be a turnaround time of about 3 weeks from time of order inclusive of 48hrs of movement testing before shipment.





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These legendary divers are just the best you can get! 

If I didn't had a fully modded V7 already, I would PM Legend in a second! 

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