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Current Strap Inventory (CANVAS)

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In stock - Ready to ship Straps


I leave sold straps here for reference, if you see something that has sold, fire me a PM and if I still have material I can do a custom order. I'll be posting a few more this weekend.


Sterile Pre-V buckles are available in Brushed, Polished & PVD, 24mm with screw in pin + $12 - Link to Buckle options


Canada/USA - $7 standard airmail (no tracking/insurance), $15 (tracked/insured)
Rest of World - $8 standard airmail (no tracking/insurance), $20 (tracked/insured)

Feel free to PM me, or send an email to blueradish@yahoo.com



1. 125/80, 26/26 - Vintage Hemp coloured thread. - SOLD




2. 140/75, 22/22 - $40




3. Vintage worn Black Canvas - 130/80, 24/24 - $55 (You choose the stitch colour or leave it as is for a different look)




4. 125/75, 20/20 - $40 (Backed with genuine OEM BMW seat hide)




5. Vintage Olive Zulu style - 250mm length w/o buckle, 24/24 - $65 w/ Pre-V buckle. (This strap is 3mm thick so not great to use as you would a Nato, meant more for a watch with drop style lugs)




6. Military Canvas - 135/80, 26/26 - $115 with Rolko Brass buckle, $75 with no buckle. - [SOLD]




7. 125/80, 24/24 w/ Blasted Pre-V screw in buckle. - $65 - [SOLD]




8. 130/80, 24/24 w/ Blasted Roller buckle and Nato fixed keepers. Light Grey thread that also look Steel Blue in some light. - [SOLD]




9. 140/80, 26/24 w/ Blasted Pre-V screw in buckle - Leather back for ultimate comfort - [SOLD]




10. 130/80, 24/24 - [SOLD]




11. 140/75, 26/20 - Leather middle, super soft, 1 fixed/1 floating keeper - $60 - [SOLD]



12. 125/75, 24/22 - Please note this is a thinner strap, 3.25mm.  Very comfortable, but would be best suited for a lighter case. - [SOLD]



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