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Hello All,


I am looking at making a purchase form TT. but I see the one I want at just over $100 difference in price. Looking over all the info and pics and the QC pic's it looks like the same set of photos are used. I'll put the links below. If I'm reading it right only the moment is different. Has any one purchased the more expensive ones and the cheaper ones from TT before? What did you see in quality and where there any differences?







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They are different movements inside mate. One is an Asian clone, the other is a Chinese movement.

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And an Asian clone, my brother, is also a Chinese movement lol.
Just like the movement in the Marcus lol

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So I asked a not fully formed question. Since this is my first decent quality rep, besides cost, is there any major differences in the same models from the same place? Should I expect lower quality for one that is 30 or 50 bucks cheaper or are they usually the same but with the different moments?

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Get the ones with the more reputable movements if you can afford it, like A2824, A2836, SH3135, A7750 etc.

Yes it is common for the same model to offer 2 or more movement options.

I personally avoid miyota like the plaque. Yes they are actually reliable and can be silenced to work smoothly and quietly like a gagged housemaid but....lets just say that I prefer the gagged housemaid. 

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