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IWC Pilot Chrono Le Petit Prince Ref. 377717 Stripped Crown

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Hello fellow members. I am asking for a tip on this issue, perhaps someone share the same experience?

I got this Pilot Chrono 377717 last summer (steel bracelet and blue dial). After a couple of days, I noticed the crown did not screw in properly aligned. All though I am very careful, I have collected reps for a decade and been a member at the forum for as long as well. After I tried to screw it back in a couple of times, to make it aligned, I noticed the threads of the crown seemed to be weakening. And now it is totally impossible to screw it back in.


So, only thing to do is to swap the tube and the crown, but were can I source the parts? I notice there are som gen parts on the marked, but It will cost me the price of a new rep.

So, is it possible to source part from the dealer, or someone, perhaps? Should I complain? It is the Z-Factory who make this model. Dealer (xx) is a well known trusted source.

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I've read some tip about removing the stem and crown, and then try to squeeze the crown tube with some pliers, carefully making it a little tighter.

Perhaps I will try it..

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