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NY factory


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Must admit I am dealing with mostly vintage Rolex builds, so not always in tune with knowing all the factories. Having said that, I don't recall ever hearing of anything called "NY Factory".


Regardless, you never buy a watch directly from the factory, you buy it through a dealer. We have a number of trusted dealers here that can normally get access to anything.


If you want to clarify what you are looking for (specific watch) you might get some more help, or better yet, do a search for the model you are looking for. There will likely be posts that will point you toward the best version for that particular model.


Good luck with your search!

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^^^What he said^^^

Never heard of NY factory. JF is generally considered best at AP. The “factories” have good reason to keep a low profile and don’t sell direct. Are you sure this isn’t another scam site posting pictures of genuine watches?

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