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Question About "New" Crown

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I am prepping a 1016 case and the new owner sent me a new Rolex crown for fitment to a new tube.  No problem but looking at the crown makes me wonder if it is in fact new.  It arrived in a sealed plastic "bubble" but the shaft (?) has pretty deep scratches on it.  I would have thought Rolex QC would be better than this.


What is the collective's opinion?

Crown 3.jpg

Crown 1.jpg

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‘Sup J!

It’s a 24-600-0 crown quite alright. I can tell from the width of the stem post it’s for a “big tube”. But as for it been brand new...it far from it. The threads are already kinda worn. If it came in the old style green & white bubble pack...those can be opened & resealed easily. I guess that why Rolex changed their packaging.

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Hangin' in there, D!  After this week we are about to get done messing with the cabin for a while so I'll have a bit of spare time.  


Here are pics of the package.  Are these supposed to be heat sealed all around?  If so this one had definitely been glued on two sides as I was able to open it up by sliding a thumbnail between the "layers."


I thought it was suspect but wanted to make sure before I told the buyer to "have words" with the seller...

Package 2.jpg

Package 1.jpg

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