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Upgrading a Stock BP (Cartel) 1675 Dial

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With a spare 1675 BP (Cartel) Dial I had laying around, I decided to figure out how to upgrade it with a better lume and texture (and used it to practice soldering dial feet). 


My first step was to apply several layers of matte spray to the dial while it had the dial markers still on. I purposely did this so the matte lacquer would create a natural border for the next steps. For the spray, I use Testors brand Matte Spray Lacquer. 






Next, I pull the dial marker s off. It’s a simply task - turn the dial over and push the markers out by their legs with a pin pusher or other small pin tool. As you can see, the lacquer spray created a natural edge to guide repainting the indexes. 






I then used a Testers Flat White Epoxy paint to repaint the indexes. I used my thin oiler to apply the paint as I would lume. I painted the indexes rather than just luming because the white provides a reflective surface for the lume - basically, the lume is brighter and looks better one a white backdrop. Next time, I would consider cutting the thickness of the paint to make it a bit more “watery” and thin. I think it would help get the edges a bit smoother. 








Once dried (overnight), I applied a yellow lume, thinly applied as to not interfere with the GMT hand. I also relumed some left over hands to match since I had the lume out anyways. And finally, a few more coats of spray lacquer for good measure. 


Looks pretty decent and good practice - now it just needs a home. 


Thanks for looking! 

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Took my own advice and redid the lume and indexes. Re-hand painted the markers with a thinner white paint (50% mineral spirits) and relumed. The lume applied much nicer with a better, thinner, more even plot. 




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