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Ivan/Dark Lord

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Puffpuff - welcome to this great forum.

Glad to see you appreciating the high dial work posted here in threads!

If you are serious about ”getting in touch” I’d recommend you clarifying that you have YES as answer to all questions below.

Have you:

• Decided exactly what dial you are after (reference and variation)?
• Set aside $2000+ to fund the purchase without haggling?
• Verified that you in a blind test can tell the difference between this dial and eg something from Phong / Yuki etc? (depending on reference)
• Made sure you have suitable company for this dial already? (no, cartel case and eta movement is not the right answer)

If you are clear about that, I assume the dialogue here might become more constructive.

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Blast from the past.
Brings back some good memories, his gilt dials were absolutely incredible.
A Phong/Ivan vintage franken today would be priceless.

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