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Hello Everyone!

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Hello Everyone! I have been lurking for a few weeks, gathering useful info. I am very impressed, and find this world extremely fascinating. 

I have always loved watches. As a kid I owed a few Swatches, Then, once I started working, I managed to purchase first a Hamilton Khaki Chrono, and later a Tag Heuer Carrera date which I ended up trading to a friend in addition to a scooter, for a nice motorcycle 🙂

A couple of years later I purchased a Speedmaster 3510.50.00 reduced, which I recently gifted to my elderly father. He always liked it, and I am happy to know he wears it every day. 

I also owned a couple of replica Rolex replicas in the past (of very low quality).

I have been obsessed with the AP RO design since I was a teenager. My first employer owned a two tone Jumbo that I wanted badly. 

I have been planning to buy an original RO for years at this point, but simply put, I can't afford one, and probably never will. House, cars, and not making enough money keep getting in the way....

I would love to purchase a AP RO rep (JFV3 15400) and a Submariner Date with Black dial.  I would not mind picking one up from another forum member with more experience than me. 

Thank you very much!

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