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Build gmt 1675 franken

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Hello friends, I present my last project almost finished gmt 1675 Long E, I find it was not easy but slowly I'm able to get the result I want.

Reworked Vietnam case

Dial Vietnam aftermarket long e.

Natural aged back red gen insert.

Plexy B25-116-J1 gen.

Tube and crown NOS gen.

Jubilee bracelet folded 6251 H - 9 end link 55 (obviously Gen. Coevo)

Aged Yuky Lancets.

Dial and dial adapter ring (Phong).

Swiss Made movement age 2836-2 gmt.

Good vision.

179b67838565678b73b5de9cc6dbd12c.jpge51fe06b7d5c3c0bcf3a8b51d69852c5.jpgb9c4949370c74c88bce0f40f24cd5876.jpg11e6cdabd6c019a1c836d403cf57035e.jpg00be15f13dc54d698071afbbebae0871.jpg300ecfa8a1e466ae215326a41ef19f0f.jpg62df922e78e80480b8ddf8d90f702ee2.jpg2c4ffc307dbd8bfad2c8aac52e76f9dd.jpg8068ae7eb16e9255269e2463535b1e00.jpg21f1618a2fc3556d3cde724c12bf7a77.jpgb3d440ec65cdaf0748622bf698c81eed.jpgd618b4bebd9210105d1b02e71c2a07a2.jpgfc203de804e126ea17ec5b2f54fe1266.jpgd962626e18b3a5e3adea7c32ced5f8d5.jpge9aeda3bd6d7df0358ca688c008d92b9.jpg68e2f139113d59696d8f96106aad6b4e.heicaff054723da398a10131ab5b4f2ccdd9.jpgbf955d4fd0b4db8972fc758031b7fc87.jpgb0ddf794448def93274b2ed227b3d91b.jpg gen. vs My Watch

44bbac85b8df67c8649465ee1a80ba3e.jpg gen. vs My Watch



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Awesome work. Boxy, decent looking crown guards, even. Wow!


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I see plenty of modified 1675 GMT Masters. Expensive mods.


Yet the crown guards look like shit on most of them.


What is the point spending so much money to a base which looks fundamentally wrong? Every Rolex guy can detect them as reps from thousand miles away. 


This is among the only ones I've ever seen which actually has good looking "boxy" crown guards. Very impressed.

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Having dealt with many 1675 including having sold a full set today.. I’m impressed by this one 

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