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Had never really seen me being part of a forum like this but there seems to be tons of information and I’m happy to be a new part of it! 


As as much as I’m reading, it seems there are always references to trusted dealers and not always strong directions as to where I should be actually looking or talking to! I know it probably just takes time to figure out exactly how to maneuver on ere respectfully! 


I really want a steel band super ocean ii all Blue or all black (please let me know if one of those isn’t even a real style!) or a TAG aquaracet silver and black. Not well versed on watches but I know for sure I love those styles! Looking forward to talking with all of you and educating myself! 

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Welcome to the community, yes you are right, it just takes a little time and reading to get the hang of things.






You could do a lot worse than one of these guys for your first purchase 

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