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Tag Carrera Calibre 16 Day Date Chronograph - Reborn V2 CV2A1R.BA0799

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As the title says, has anyone purchased or done a comparison/quality review of this iconic most famous TAG carerra. It is reborn with some slight modification in fonts and styling and available here,


Would be great to know more about it before making a purchase decision.

Thanks for your inputs.

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I am out of my bailiwick here as most of my experience is with the rlx brand but if the changes are basically cosmetic, the question that comes to mind is...do the movement modifications (cover plates etc) have any effect on the basic movement?  Since the troubles experienced with most A7750 movements are because of no oil on critical parts, dirt, rough handling etc, my guess is it would be basically the same watch as before as long as the movement is Ok mechanically to start with.  The 'suicide @ 6' models are in another category and should not be considered in the equation.

Having an A7750 with standard 6-9-12 sub dials is one big advantage imho.

One other problem with a lot of replicas is crown/case tube trouble but it usually shows up on specific models.


I have always liked Heuer/Tag Heuer watches but the only T-H watches I have now are quartz time and date dive models.  I have owned a few mechanicals in the past...Pasadena, Camaro, Regatta etc...all long gone. 

Sold them too soon.

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