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Teach me, the 1570 caliber (1675)


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Hey guys, 


I know there has been a thread about this before but somehow it's not really clear to me. 
To make things easy: 


Can I transplant a 1570 caliber from a 1680 to a 1675? 
Or let's say, any date model that houses a 1570 caliber?


Do the GMT's have an extra gear or function or is it jus the same movement? 


If they do have extra parts, which parts exactly?



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It’s definitely not “just the same movement.” They share 90% of the same parts but there are extra/different parts to add the 24hr function. I don’t have my manuals on hand to tell you exactly which ones but that is how it works on the 31xx calibers (and pretty much ALL “families” of calibers as well). There is a base design and slight variations for different functions.

You can use a 1570 and modify it with the alternate pieces. So yes it will transplant but no, not directly.

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Parts needed to convert 1570 w/date to GMT:

#8038 - center second pinion 5.70mm

#8037 - Cannon Pinion 3.39mm

#8039 - hour wheel with double toothing 2.44mm

#8040 - 24hr wheel 1.41mm

#8035 - Calendar Wheel nut

#8036 - Date Jumper

#8006 - Yoke for cam

#8008 - spring for cam yoke

#8011 - stud for cam

#8030 - Center wheel with Cannon Pinion

#8034 - Calendar Wheel

8034, 8035, and 8011 are in a grouping on the Rolex sheets.


You can also find all the GMT parts on a parts list for the 1565GMT.  GMT parts are the same for 1565GMT and 1575GMT movements.

The calendar ring (spacer) must also be changed.  There is more than one p/n for them...7956, 8037. 

Center second pinion #8038 is not necessary if you can find a sweep second hand with a long tube.







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