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1016 dial details


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thinking of getting a custom 1016 dial made since yuki doesn't seem like they will be stocking the white lume version of the eta 1016 dial anytime soon. found some random on ebay who says they can customise one for me. price is not too bad, willing to give it a shot. they sell a rep 1016 dial which looks ok. just the text positioning seems to be a little off. anyway, does anyone know a good font to use for the oyster, explorer, superlative, and swiss text on the dial?

here's what i've drawn to far. it's based on a 80s era dial i think? not sure which maker though. i'm using garamond for the rolex and copperplate for the rest. garamond is pretty close imo. i just need to modify each letter a little. copperplate is ok for the rest as well, but needs a bit more work in modifying. i really can't be bothered modifying each letter.

also, i'm not sure if i should be factoring the discrepancies between digital file and the print plate or whatever method is used for printing. these things usually end up a few mm different?

let me know what you think!


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thanks guys. will do a search on bart.

i don't really want to bother whoopy. it sounds like he is done with the rep world? i'll let the legend retire in peace hehe.

i'm playing with the idea of silk screen printing one myself. if i can get a working process, i can do trial and error more efficiently. just not sure where i can find eta blank dials.

and does anyone know the dial center hole diameter to fit eta 2824? i have it at 2mm at the moment. the 2824 schematics shows a diameter of 2mm +6. i'm assuming that means 2mm +0.06mm?

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i've got a wtb over at repgeek atm. but no luck.

i've been reading about screen printing over the last few days. i'm not sure if they can print in detail over such a small size. but i think it's what cheap watch factories do, so just need to find out what mesh count is suitable. and of course pad printing came up with my search as well. it could also be an option for not that much more in costs if i can get a friend to laser etch some plates for me. there doesn't seem to be much information about dial making. must be a closely guarded secret? even harder is finding eta blank dials hehe.

i've almost scrapped the idea on having a custom one made by some random. ironically, i don't want them to profit on my drawing.

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