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Stay away from Yuan Robbie, aoobuy@hotmail.com, http://www.aootime.biz/

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It's a long story that started Sept. 9th.


I asked if she could get a certain VC watch.


She said yes she could.  Only take payment via WU.  She said watch was in stock and they were getting close to holiday so needed to pay quickly.  It was 11pm and I wasn't going to find a WU station open so I went online to pay and expedite the order.  It cost me $50 (which I later showed the receipt to her because she didn't believe me.)  So I had $450 invested in this watch at this point.


The next day she comes back after I had already sent payment and says that watch isn't available, tries to get me to take a cheaper one with a rubber strap and that was different from the one I wanted.


I said no I want the one you sold me and I paid for.  She said it might be a month before they make one she didn't know how long.
so she comes back with a 'similar' VC.  that she will do an even swap for.  I look it up and its $80 less than the one I paid for. (Tried to burn me once there.)  We argued and I finally said fine.


She said she would check stock.

Next day I asked if she picked it up, she says no and that Autum Holiday is coming so the order will now be delayed even though it was 1 day before holiday.


I"m starting to get [censored] because I spent the extra $50 to expedite everything before Holiday and now I'm getting a cheaper watch and it won't ship till AFTER holiday.


I wait until after holiday is over

I attempt to contact her
No response for two days.
Finally she responds with a testing picture and will send me pictures.


Next day she sends me an email while I'm away with QC pics of the watch.  I ask her what movement is being used because it doesn't appear to be a SC movement.  She replies with a Jap movement.  I say nooo I don't want that I only want SC watches that movement is used in AAA watches.  I look closer and the sticker on the watch (which I have pictures still) says right on it AAA.


I'm like hell no I don't want that watch.


her response sorry its already on its way to Hong Kong to be shipped, can't stop it now.


I'm like WTF I don't want it.  Basically says to bad its already shipped.  I [censored] and moaned about it.
the watch she sent was $200 less than the original watch she promised me.


I was livid.


The JJF version was out of stock so she took it upon herself to get a diff factory version and ship it.


I've now been hoodwinked TWICE.


She says she was busy and 'forgot' to tell me that it was out of stock and that they were replacing it.


She says when you receive it just send it back.  I'm like no fkn way I'm going to just send it back and pay for shipping and wait until you receive it back in china while my $400 is floating out there when none of this was my fault.

She says I can send it to some guy in Georgia so the cost is low and she will refund my cost. of $10.  Wants me to take a refund of $410
I have $460 invested at this point because I expedited the order via payment of WU because of a promise she made that they had a watch they never had.  So if I took the $400 refund I would lose $50 on the entire transaction none of which was my fault.


So I didn't agree to that.


She finally admitted that all of this was my fault but still wouldn't refund my $50.  I'm livid because I know dam well that the margins on these things AFTER pickup with a third party seller is $70 approximately.  If she refunded my $50 she would have broke even at WORST case scenario.


I'm not a fkn idiot I understand business and how the supply chain works.


In the meantime I accepted the replacement of a Rolex and she checked stock, in stock.  Next day, went to pick it up and they are out of stock on that as well.


We battle back and for for a while and I find a JLC that I liked.  The 'retail' price on it is $508 on prestige and trusty so I know her cost is below that by at least $70.


She says she can get it but if I want it I have to pay her another $110


I"m like you greedy [censored] after a month of all this [censored] you still want to make money off of me after everything I've been through.  I refused to pay another WU fee to send another $100 to her.
I would be in this thing $550 at that point


For a $508 watch that is a replacement to the replacement of the original watch she promised me + the $10 to send the wrong watch to someone in GA
so $560.


I refuse to send the $ WU and incur more fees so she sets it up so I can paypal her friend in GA and they can work the difference out.

Finally because I'm disgusted with the whole scenario I agree to it because I just want something for my fkn money.  Oh BTW she had promised to send me a free Mont Blanc with the replacment VC (the AAA watch she tried to fk me on).  So I agreed but must have a mont blanc included.

So I paypal and refuse to send the watch to GA after it arrives until proof of the new watch being shipped from China.  She hassles me over and over to send immediately and I refuse.

The AAA watch comes in and I open the package.  Low and behold no Mont Blanc in that one.  I figure OK it will come with the new watch.

JLC QC's fine and ships so I ship the AAA to Georgia.


Watch comes in, It's a nice JCL, the same one that (another Trusted Dealer) has been advertising I believe its a JF factory.


but guess what no Mont Blanc.


Soooooooom after getting [censored] around for a month I have a $508 watch I have $560 into and no Mont Blanc pen.  That little [censored] made off with profit from me and bent me over even more making sure she didn't even lose out on any shipping costs.


So I contact her and say got watch, no pen.


Meantime I ask (another Trusted Dealer) how much he would sell me that watch for, his response is $380.


I don't know if he's lying or not but he has been getting great reviews from everyone.


So imagine me after all I've gone through spending $560 with her and in the end getting (not the watch I wanted but the watch I ended up 'settling for') and no pen on top of it all.


I tell her about the $380.  She says someone is lying to me.


I say what about the Mont Blanc


She says her partner 'forgot' because he's so busy.


I say then ship me one.


She won't [censored] ship me one, says we will ship it when you next order.
Are you [censored] kidding me?  When I order again?

I feel used and it pisses me off becuase I've been a business owner for over 20 years and I would NEVER treat a customer the way I've been treated.


I have attatched screenshots to prove the things I have said.

I know that she will try to manipulate it but in writing this I followed the thread of my chats with her so that I would be 100% truthfull and accurate.


I know I can be brash at times but come the [censored] on, no one should be treated like I was.


I also shared this with the owner of the Facebook Group attempted to contact Yuan Robbie.  He gave her 24 hours to respond or he would remove her from being a Trusted Dealer.  I also attempted to reach out and have her send me a pen in compensation.  No response for either of us.  She has been removed from the group.  I don't trust her as far as I can throw her.  We had communication after communication and everytime I thought I had things under control she would flip it and would basically push me into a corner to purchase/spend more in order to get what I wanted.  A complete scam artist IMHO.  I have heard others say they have had good experiences with her, but I wouldn't trust it if I were someone considering using her.  You may get ripped off and not even know it.






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A salutary lesson in why one should use TDs and read up on the subject prior to purchasing. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience, but did you ever stop to ask yourself which regulatory body decides that a counterfeit watch meets AAA+ standard?

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the first watch VC he had sent back, he chose another watch, the free pen we promised my people forgot to send, but we had sent out one pen to him, he had received.
we had solved it.



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