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Aragon Superjet

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Just got this 500m Diver Aragon (was previously Android before Smart Watches came along) powered by an NH36A


Not for everyone (this one is a 44mm by 17mm thick, but it actually wears not too bad even for being as thick as it is) and not my idea of a "perfect" watch, but it's really solid and I am digging it as a watch to keep for the few occasions that I may get to Swim (like when I go on Vacation to Florida to see my family down there)


What would make this more ideal to me would be if the bezel were single color (I'm not a huge fan of Dual Color when it's not Ceramic) and the markers were naturally white instead of a light Green color; along with a Sapphire Crystal


But at the end of the day these are minor things considering watches with a nicer movement and Sapphire Crystal tend to cost 3 or 4 times as much for this WR; and it's cool having a HRV on the side of the watch too


Definitely wouldn't be the watch I would go for if it costed $400 like the suggested "retail" but under $175 delivered with a solid build, automatic movement, and 500m WR makes it not a bad buy.


Also not the easiest to adjust as it has an annoying double sided pin system for the bracelet, so you have to hold one side in place while you unscrew the other side, slide the pin out


Repeat on a 2nd pin to take a link off, put a pin back on, and then rescrew on both sides


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1 minute ago, Mike on a bike said:

Had few Androids back in the day , ran well water proofing good but big boys............

Yeah, this one was a bit thicker than I would have preferred, but its just within a comfortable enough size range for me to go for it, especially with that 500m WR and the HRV for "cool factor"

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