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6536/1 project

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Hey all !


Im start to plan to build some things and to do the first "study" of feasability, I start gathering some informations. 


It is all about (for now) a 6536/1. I've seen that phong sell case for this model but it is very expensive. Much more than Ruby... Bu this side, Ruby tells me that he (she ?) won't get 6536 case (maybe anymore, or just as for now).


So do you guys have other options for sourcing such a rare case ?


Many thanks ! 

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You can always go the economy route- a Silix watch and then make improvements


You'd need a better bezel insert- that pearl is too big and has a metal surround. The bezel might not be correct either.

Can't remember if helenarou sells a better dial. A number of people have built nice 6538s and 6536s with the Silix watches- the key is in the mods and aging that you do.

And you can always replace the Asian 21j movement for cheap if need be. Or even put a Miyota 8215 in there if you're so inclined.

Seems like people have also put a Sternkruz crystal in there- maybe a 306 which may mean 30.6mm.

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I’m a noob compared to other member , but for what I know the 6536/1 have a very thin middlecase

is the thinnest middlecase compared to the other Rlx sub of the same age..

Why you don’t buy the new 6542 (the one that sell kuvarsit and Jtime) ?

You can have a thin case, a nice caseback , a nice bezel (not the correct for a 6536 but similar )

You have only to found a nice dial and a correct insert .

And maybe change the 2836 with a low beat movement .

This is my simply recipe for a nice watch 6536/1 without spend a fortune .

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Oops, I just noticed the Silix case I linked to doesn't have lugholes- yuck!


This one does, but it's something to watch out for. Lugholes are going the way of the dinosaur!

Also, you could check someone like Trusty and see what he has.  

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