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Calling all the olde timers(get it) :-).........check in


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7 hours ago, fraggle42 said:

But life throws other things at you...

Now married, living in Houston, and life's latest trick is colon stage 4 cancer (typing this from hospital bed).


That really sucks. My best friend was diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer eight years ago. After a year of treatment, he was 100% cancer-free. With a bit of luck, in five years, your biggest worry will (still) be your lack of space. Hang in there, fraggle!

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Keep it up! 


What's everyone been up to? Working hard here...


Just finished a Pam pxxxx clone repair... Next on the bench probably another sub of some sort...


Its weird to look back at how absolutely busy this forum used to be now Reddit looks to be taking over the forum game. 


These last 15 years definitely feel like 30 on my mind body and soul. The past two years with the infighting over politics/elections and covid have been absolutely exhausting. 




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Hey guys! Just checking in here after years being AWOL :)

Over the years I’ve build a modest collection of gens inspired by the love for watches from this forum.

Still wearing the rep PAM177 and 388. frequently, though.

Hope you guys are doing great!

So who has the best 1:1 Rolex Leopard Daytona these days? ;)

Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk

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"absolutely amazing quality on some reps nowadays.. and also amazing crappiness."


I agree and imho...

The  "amazing quality"  is in the cases, dials, and bracelets. 

The  "amazing crappiness"  is in some of the various clone movements.


A top quality watch (appearance wise) with an improperly designed/assembled/oiled 'oem lookalike' clone movement with no parts availability is going to be a problem sooner or later no matter how good the watch looks on the outside.

The clone rlx 3135 is one example of trouble on the horizon with some versions being worse than others.  A clone 4130 may not be quite as bad, I do not know because I have not read much about them.

Clone ETA 28xx...not too bad because replacement movements and some parts are available on eBay etc at relatively low $$.  Swiss ETAs can also be used but their prices are rapidly rising.


The Miyota 9015 may be an alternative but dial foot location, hand sizes, and DWO can be a hassle.  The APRO etc with the 9015 is probably Ok but I am only guessing, never had one.

Another example...

James Bond big crown Submariner case 316L Miyota 9015 movement sapphire crystal | eBay

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On 2/5/2022 at 6:29 PM, Nanuq said:

Well that right there makes this an all star weekend. Anyone else watching the NHL?


I'll watch it on catchup. It's a shame Evgeni Malkin has been shunned by the NHL again, though. He should be an all star every year he's fit.

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