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New Doxa in da House! Errrrrr, what?

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Just arrived today, and what a looker! But what the heck IS it?




It’s not a Doxa, it’s a little too big. The shape is right, the details are there...




But what’s with the crown at 4:00?




Great wrist presence, at 44mm it’s beefy but not top heavy.




Ahhhhhh now I see. It’s a Seiko SRP Prospex, designed after the iconic 63xx “Tuna” watches from the 70s but dolled up in Doxa livery with a gorgeous domed sapphire crystal.




Available from our friend Harold at Yobokies.





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Love the versatility of the Seiko's. Great movements, endless modding support and variety. And they won't cost you an arm and leg.


Speaking of cost, when the 4R36 needs a service, save yourself a few quid and just replace the movement with a Hattori NH36, swap the rotor and save over half the price of the Seiko 4R36 movement and a fair few quid over the price of a service...Unless you're servicing it yourself😉

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35 minutes ago, cornerstone said:

That is phenomenal!!  Absolutely genius idea and work.



I can't take much credit for it I'm afraid, I just knew what parts to choose from the nearly endless list.  And voila' a "Doxa" that's arguably more durable and waterproof than the gen, for 1/5 the price.  And it's still a "gen" watch.


I'm toying with an idea.  You know our modders here that have made the *perfect* decals of dials to slide onto gilded base plates?  I'm thinking of a "Black Lung" decal for the 3rd quadrant, but instead of "u.s. divers" make it "arctic divers"      :snorkel:


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I think you've opened up a rabbit hole for me with Yobokies, there are so many Seikos I wish just had that extra oomph. 


This, of course, is on another level.  :snorkel:


I didn't know about the decals, that could be an interesting mission ahead for sure.


Since scuba diving is approved exercise here, a new Seiko could be on the cards.

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