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Great sign on the beach in Sardinia!

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1 hour ago, jackflash said:


Check out those fines emoji38.png






I was missing this. But I believe that some citizen can make these warnings.
From me to Olbia ... it is now 2 or 3 years that Senegalese or Moroccans have not sold replicas anymore. I bought a milgauss from them about 10 years ago. Those who want to evolve come here in the forum.


Certainly in bars you can find authentic beer ...



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Bravo Jack ... unfortunately you weren't lucky with the weather, but tomorrow it should be improving. I'm glad you came to Sardinia .... September is the time when many Germans and Swiss come. Many come in caravans with motorcycles.
Are you leaving from Olbia?ai7DWvo.jpg

3 hours ago, dieselpower said:

They should fine the local taxi drivers for their fares. When I went to Sardinia the taxi from the airport to the hotel was more expensive than my flight from London to Sardinia!

You're right ... and I'm sorry about that. Unfortunately, for some years now ... the tickets for transport by ship (for those traveling by car) have increased a lot and those by plane have decreased and therefore the rental companies including taxis, have taken advantage to increase the prices a lot prices.

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