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I haven't built a newer watch in a while, and need some help in finding a dial for a 36mm Date Just. I'm looking for a blue Date Just dial with silver/white gold stick markers and crown. Does anyone have one, or can you tell me who is selling parts these days. I'm looking for replica, not gen, and less expensive. I tried Raffles Dials, right price, but none with silver stick markers. Anyone else? Thanks guys.  

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These two blue dials have the date window in the wrong place- eta/8215 position.

Watch Dials - DateJust Dials - Page 4 - Raffles Dials

Lately I've been building watches with the Seiko NH35 movement- it has a nice Rolex like DW- don't know if that movement would work with the Blue DJ dial with the eta position DW.

The NH35 is a $35-40 movement and nice IMO.

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I saw those, the 2nd from the left would be good except the markers and crown are yellow gold colored, and I need silver/white gold. I talked to them and they cannot come up with one. The Seiko movement is priced right, DG movement range. I'll check that out. Thank you. 

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