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Is Silix still in business?


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I myself purchased from them  a speed master  with the st1902  as a gift for a family member , just before Christmas and it safely arrived in mid January!  When it arrived I was very pleased & impressed with the packaging and the watch itself!    Have not heard back from the recipient, so I believe all is well!  

I first learnt of them as trusted members from the forum!  I purchased circa 2005 from them and had been very pleased with all transactions including one where I was not initially happy with, which they went beyond to fix the problem!  They even sent me a replacement before I sent back the faulty watch -  a Cartier Santos with back screw threads that needed to be drilled out to access the mvt for adjustment    At the time it was managed/owned by Jay and Angel and I could not say a negative comment about them no matter how hard I looked!  A year later they emailed me saying that the were no longer going to be running the business because they were not happy with the new factory and with the quality of modules!  Months  later I emailed to make a new order and a person named Jee was in charge!  He was ok, but I am not sure who is the new manager, but I have not had any negative experiences so far!  

If there has recently been something new about their management or a new take over from someone else, which would benefit us all to know, it would be nice  for others to share it with us!  I am open minded!  Thanks for sharing

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19 hours ago, madasboot said:

Thanks J.!

i am looking for a cheap speedmaster moon watch A21 Jewels to make some experiments and he seems to be the only seller to have it but i cannot get a reply from him.

i dealt with him back in 2006...

You know where i can fin



Years ago I bought many watches from SILIX when Angel & Jay were there, and I never had a problem with them; and if there ever was a problem with a watch they fixed it

Years later, Angel and Jay left. Michelle was there ... and it wasn't the same anymore.

 I bought him a replacement strap for my CARTIER SANTOS 100 Crhonograph. (My avatar's) The strap did not fit the watch and a watchmaker had to put it on me as best he could. My ROLEX YACH-MASTER recently had an accident and the bezel broke. I went to Michelle to buy her a bezel and she was not able to find one. All of these watches, and many others, I bought from Angel & Jay. I will not buy anything from MIchele again





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