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movement stops upon turning stem with hack lever removed?


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I just assembled (not the 1st)  2836-2 upon replacing a part  ( correct part ) after a thorough clean and oiling.  It kicked start brilliantly !!!!!🙂


Weird part is that upon setting the time with the winding stem, caused the balance wheel to stop.~~🤢


My first thought was that the hack lever may have got dislodged, so I removed the barrel bridge to see if this were the case!!!!.    No ~ ~ all good with everything in it's right place!!!  So I tried to re- set time again & same thing happened!!!🙄


Removed the barrel bridge off again to remove the hack lever (which looks like the numeral "7") hoping it may have resolved the problem!  Again NO go!!!!! 🙄😒


Now for all of you with more experience in watchmaking,  is there any connection between the stem positions (or keyless works components) upon setting the time and the train wheel motion works or even the balance????  I cannot see any real correlation apart from the hack lever, unless there is something that I do not know about how the movement components network together.  It seems very strange that even pulling out the stem and pushing it back in can cause the watch to stop (even upon removing the hack lever)  


Any thoughts, comments criticisms or insults would be welcome for me to resolve this issue???  Thanks again guys!!!!🙂


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Try removing the stem again. Be sure when you pull the stem to the time set position , that the set lever is all the way out in the yoke corrector. Then when you reinstall the stem that the set lever goes all the way in on the yoke corrector. I can’t imagine anything that would stop it, especially with the stop lever removed. Good luck

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Thanks for your reply!  I disassembled the keyless works to clean them again too so that I also put enough lubrication in the joining parts!  

in fact this is my only mvt that has flawless keyless works!  All my other 28xx series have faulty/worn keyless works. No matter how many times i reposition the parts, they always go out of place after a couple of uses as stem also pops out and 

Setting lever needs to be pushed in from the side! I was once recommended that lithium white grease is better for hardwearing parts!


going back to the movt stopping, my only other theory workdays be a barrel issue with stem connection as there could be some wear around that area??   

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