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Posted 11 December 2007 - 10:17 PM


Today it is my very real pleasure to be chatting to a man who is one of our most outspoken members, a man who is nothing if not controversial, a man I am glad to count amongst my friends and a man who is currently sitting on 9,999 posts.

Ken: Hello Pugwash and thank you for joining me.

Pugwash: And thank you for inviting me

K: As per usual my first question is why Pugwash?

P: Back in the 1980s, I used to partake in game cracking, in particular for the Atari ST. I chose the name Pugwash back then as Captain Pugwash, the kid's cartoon was my favourite pirate. Since then, I use that moniker when I visit the seedier side of the interweb.

K: Puggy 9,999 (not counting other forums) is a lot of chatting are you this talkative away from computers?

P: I'd have to say that yes, I'm that opinionated in person and I'm not afraid of sharing my views. However, I'm not as arrogant in person as I come across on the internet.

K: Obviously there must be a lot of memories come with those posts, can you tell us some of the highlights/lowlights of your time with our board?

P: I think the lowlights are well-documented (being banned repeatedly on RWI, for instance) but the highlights less so. When I arrived on the forums, I saw that the average quality of photos was quite low even though the quality could reach such heights (you don't need me to mention my favourite photographers as they're probably the same as most people here, starting with TTK, Bazz and By-Tor). I set it as a personal mission to get the average up. I'm not one of the best photographers out there, but I understand how to take a simple shot, so I shared this with the replica watch world. The highlights have been seeing the quality at the low and middle ends increase to the point no-one posts crap photos any more.

Seeing people post to newbies to go read my tutorials is one of the things I like and seeing the results is amazing.

Oh, and seeing how I've been able to touch the hobby in subtle ways is nice, too. When I see people use terms like 'Slevin' or 'Noobmariner', I'll secretly smile inside.

K: Ok everyone has a story on what brought them to watches in the first place, what's the Pugwash story?

P: I don't know. I think I've always secretly loved watches, but it never showed itself until a few years ago I went to visit my brother in Thailand and picked up a crappy Datejust rep for a laugh.

K: And the Pugwash collection, surely one of the most beautifully photographed group one watches on our boards, can you please tell us a little about it, what drives your choices and which if any do regret letting go?

P: No regrets. Even though I liked the watches I've sold (after all, I bought them) I feel that all the watches I've got rid of are being worn. If I don't wear them, I'd rather they were in someone else's collection.





K: 'Little white Lies', did you have any idea how that thread would go ballistic and do you feel it got results or was it largely ignore by the dealers?

P: It started as a rant, something I'm fond of from time to time, and I never expected the sheer volume of people discussing it, whether in agreement or disagreement. Earning a reputation through contributing to a community earns you some credibility and I feel I spent all of mine on that thread, but what's the point in a reputation if you don't put it to use? Looking back, I thought it was a failure at first but these days I can see it was a resounding success. Dealers can't get away with the same level of lying as we look for it and berate it.

I'd be interested in whether or not the forum as a whole thinks it was a success or failure.

K: We all know of your excellent abilities with the camera I wonder if would mind sharing some of your favourite pics in the non watch related area?

P: Sure, here are a handful:





K: Ok five minutes of fame.


P: 41,  but I win money in pubs as people guess 10 years younger.

K: Favourite brand of watch?

P: Um, let me think. Timex? Nah, it's IWC. I don't think there's a person on the forums that's not seen my tireless IWC evangelism. However, I prefer watches to brands, so I'll be all Aquatimer one minute and the next be giggling about how the Ingenieur looks like its bezel fell off.

K: Meat or Fish?

P: Meat.

K: Beer or Wine?

P: Depends on the wine. I usually drink beer, but I love a really good wine.

K: Sex, Sleep..or computer time? 

P: Yes, I think that is the right order. :-)

K: Favourite Movie?

P: Betty Blue or Way of the Dragon, depending on my mood. Or anything with a good fight scene, car chase or a big-ass robot. I like intellectual and artistic pursuits but sometimes there is a real need to watch two giant robots beat the snot out of each other. Oh, Lord of the Rings was awesome, as was the first Matrix movie. I could discuss movies (equally, I'll hold my own on Music or TV Shows) all night.

K: Favourite Book?

P: Foucault's Pendulum, by Umberto Eco

K: 3 people past or present that you would love to share dinner with?

P: Ooh, tough question. For their company or for their food? For the food, it'd be the Emperor Tiberius or Claudius, Nigella Lawson (c1997) in a low-cut top or Gordon Ramsay, but realistically, you were asking about personality. Ok, I'd choose Carl Fogarty (4-times World Superbike champ), Frank Zappa and someone that'd keep me entertained for hours like Michael Palin (or Nigella Lawson's cleavage again).

K: And that's a wrap, just a couple of questions to finish up. With the amount of participation you have had on the boards do you ever feel overlooked when it comes to Admin team selections or do you prefer to be a free agent?

P: I have been offered moderator status on my share of forums and have made it pretty clear I'm a better contributor than a moderator. I can't keep my mouth shut and that's death for a moderator. As much as I feel part of a great community, I feel I speak for myself and not for the community. A moderator needs to rise above their ego, something I simply am not capable of.

K: And finally, you have copped your fair share of flak from time to time, do you ever say to yourself 'Why me?' or do you recognize that (and here we share a kindred spirit) sometime you just have to ask the tough questions?

P: Sometimes it's very tiring, especially when your closest virtual friends say something hurtful, but on the whole, it's the internet. You can't let the internet get you down, but in the same respect, sometimes you need to open your gob and stick your virtual neck on the line. I suspect I am a little to egotistical to take it all to heart. http://web.archive.org/web/20120530173259im_/http://image.rwg.cc/public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif

K: Pugwash I thank you for taking a time out to answer these questions for me today, now get out there and hit us with post 10,000.

P: As soon as my Aquatimer arrives.


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This is a great interview by our late friend Nanug (may he never be forgotten)


K: Favourite Movie?

P: Betty Blue....


This brings back memories from when I saw this movie in Houston as a teenager....it was a fantastic experience to watch this. Betty blue or 37°2 le matin, lit. '37.2°C in the morning') is a 1986 French erotic psychological drama film. Highly recommended. Béatrice Dalle was so great in it.



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