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Looking for a DSSD Bezel

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Some how, some way I guess from years of use, the adhesive holding the bezel on failed and I lost the ceramic bezel insert.


I've been scouring the TD's and forum for months & months and it seems as though the bezel is consistently in the low $100's.


Shot in the dark but would any modder or individual happen to have one ?


Need one to fit the BP DSSD. The Deep Sea Blue version. Similar to the one listed on Trusty, item # ROLSD082.


Thanks in advance.

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When you find your new insert I can recommend an adhesive to hold it in place.


Some guy on eBay sells circular 3M Adhesive stickers pre-punched to fit watch bezels.  Peel off the protective backing, punch out the donut hole, put the adhesive ring in place (it's VERY thin and gummy) and place your insert on the adhesive.  You'll ruin a few getting it right, but a 10-pack was like $5 and they work great.


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