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Any idea where to purchase Panerai dial (with Panerai logo)?


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They have a policy NOT to allow photos of dials showing logos.  But there are a couple dozen people over there making incredibly good dials.


Cruise the For Sale topics and people list the ingredients that went into their watches.  Find dials you like the looks of, read who made them, and send them a PM.


That's where these came from.







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8 hours ago, sinophile said:

Hi all,


I am trying to start a Panerai project but doesn't seem to be able to find Panerai dials (with Panerai logo).

Any advice of where to look?

let us know how you go as I too have been on the same band wagon!  I myself was thinking of buying a sterile dial and letting a dial refinisher print all the inscriptions!  There is not much to do if done properly!  I am not too fussed about it as no dealer has any complete replica for sale since the raid. Beggars can’t be choosers!  Don’t know which would be more cost effective

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