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VR3235 winds manually, seems to not autowind and runs low on reserve. Anyone with the same issue or ideas?


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I've been intrigued by the VR3235 since it came out, the power reserve, the new design. Since then, I've acquired several watches with this movement and have been on the whole impressed. Recently, I noticed one I was wearing had stopped, and I noticed it was fully out of power, manually wound it 40 turns, it ran for another few weeks no problem. But, the same problem happened again. I've not had another VR3235 or any movement do this to me, before I crack the case open and go for a dive I want to know if anyone has dealt with the same problem, or if it is a common occurrence with these semi new 3235's. Manually winds sets and keeps time as it should, but seems to not charge with rotor as it should. Sometimes I think its fine, then I go to sync seconds and notice it isn't fully charged after a full day of active wearing. 


Thanks all. 



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Going off of memory of a post I saw on another forum, the reversing wheels and attachment to ratchet wheel notoriously strip/implode on these. 

I think a proactive service of the auto winding system might help prolong this. 

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