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Dealers slow to respond lately ?

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Hey fellas, This is purely out of curiosity than anything. The same dealer ive been going to for several years now and has been ultra quick and good to deal with, suddenly became half annoying to deal with.  Taking forever to reply to emails and dragging his heels on getting me watches etc.. I know things are messed up all over but, this is becoming a bit much. 


Anyone else having issues like this ? Maybe i need to start dealing with someone else. 

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My TD of choice has not been slow to respond per se'.  However, his responses have grown short, sometimes missing the question.  Actually, I believe some of the responses are coming from their employee's and not the man himself. 


Ultimately my TD comes through, but any QC pic issues or concerns are rebuffed, blamed on photos, or "will check with the factory" then after a week they ship the same watch with the QC concern anyways.  


I would say something is up.  Maybe the recent raids have them in a bad mood.

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I've been in the same boat. Communication hasn't been slow per se. But I've had some very poor watches up for QC and the TD actually got annoyed that I was concerned with rehaut alignment or scratches on bezel. I think it's the factories that are trying to keep off the radar and being constipated with their comms and product. This in turn is putting pressure on TDs who are the meat in the sandwich. 

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