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Rep sighting - anyone here?


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I’m in Indiana this week, Formula powerboat races on Lake Michigan. This afternoon I was in a McGuinness pub and a guy came in with his family and sat at the next table. He was wearing what appeared to be a 6200 or A/6538 gilt dial sub homage with red triangle insert on leather strap. It was a tasty piece but appeared to be built from a 40mm Dazza or Raffles case and had a couple things wrong with the build.


Anyone here? I didn’t want to grab you by the wrist and whisper “Jetmid??” In your ear with your family present.



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Wait....was that you at the pub?




Alan/Offshore's powerboat tales were something else back in the day, definitely gave me an extra appreciation of them.  I think he just missed out being in a fatal collision by fluke from memory, as it goes with people missing plane crashes and so on. 

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Jetmid!  I heard he won a gig at the White House. 


I always zeroed in on submariners and used to see a lot of repsubs but do not see very many that I can tell for sure now.  The poseurs have moved up a notch, myself included.

The easy to spot mechanical models were made back 15 or 20 years ago and some had silver letters on the dial instead of white with dead end screw holes in the removable links.  I have one 'nos' hanging up beside my TZ WIS badge, silver letters and all, still in the 'original packaging'...clear plastic wrap with blue tape over the hoods.    


Before that I saw a lot of the old 'pot metal specials'...DJ, Prez, submariners etc with quartz movements. 

Those things would give you the itch...the corrosion itch.  Probably made out of melted down Buick/Oldsmobile/Pontiac hood ornaments, Carter WCFB four barrel carburetors etc.


     Image result for pontiac hood ornaments    Long live the Tin Indian aka Pon-Ton!

 Image result for Carter WCFB Carburetor. Size: 222 x 160. Source: www.carburetor-parts.com   WCFB = Laughingly called the Washout Carter Four Barrel because they 'washed out' in corners.

            th?u=https%3a%2f%2ftse4.mm.bing.net%2fth%3fid%3dOIP.GO_gzYBf-sYr-XoXnVEPpgHaJC&ehk=R3Ks51Nzrn9R7d5He4J202Y7jG1egm2mwyUJNSTwAnM%3d&w=136&h=167&pcl=f0f4f6&o=6&pid=AppEx    Now it's mostly Smart watches and phones.  

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