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Hi fellow members . I'm writing looking for advice regarding a situation involving oboy, which is practically refusing to intervene, so that I can have a seller to respond for a mencrandise that I bought from him.,m and that was delivered damaged, after being missing for two months.

 The carrier, tells me that the person who shipped the item ( a vintage Pionbeer receiver) must claim the  refund at the carrier´s branch at origin (UK). The seller has not done anything about it. So I reported this to 0boy, asking them to step in and help me by pressing the seller to do what he is supposed to do, which is askinf the carrier to pay for the (total)   loss of the item.


I suspect these people couldn't care less, since I have not received any comments from them. I paid 400 GBP for the whole deal, shipping and import taxes included.


What can I do ?


I apoligize for adressing you as a cosntituencey, but I don't know what to do.


Thank you for reading my message

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Unfortunately, most shipping companies will only accept a complaint from the shipper (not the recipient). However, assuming "oboy" is ebay & assuming you purchased THROUGH the ebay portal (i.e., not offline), they generally guarantee delivery in whatever condition the item was originally described as (e.g., good, working condition means good, working condition).

Over the years, I have had a handful of items delivered damaged (always shipping company's fault). The procedure that has always gotten me a full refund is this -- take, good clear photos of the damage to the item AND its packaging, highlighting where on the package the impact/damage occurred. Also, get a photo of the mailing label showing your full name/address &, if available, the shipper's name/address. Before complaining to ebay, contact the seller & BRIEFLY explain the damage (keep it simple/short!) and be factual, not emotional, and include 2 or 3 photos that illustrate the damage. Give the seller one week to work something out. If they either fail to respond or are unwilling to refund your purchase, then register a complaint with ebay.


It helps if you are a long-time ebay member &/or an "ebay Concierge Member", which gets you priority and a greater degree of believability. But as long as the damage is clear & significant (i.e., clear from the photos), they should cancel the sale & refund the full price.

Good luck.

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Thank you Freddy for your help. I have already contacted the seller without sucess. I also reported this  situation to ebay.  I have not received their response to my request.  My guess is that they are trying to ignore my claim.

I will write another message to them (formal letter) letting them know the seller'signoring (ignoring my messages). I will describe  the damage in full, with pictures of the receiver and the box. I hope my 20 year membership and 100% positive back will help support my claim.



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